First things first, what exactly is a Professional Organiser?

A Professional Organiser is someone who transforms people’s lives, and creates calm amongst the chaos through providing decluttering and organising services. Working as an Organiser is far from easy – it demands physical, mental, and emotional effort. BUT, it is immensely rewarding and so visually satisfying to see the ‘before & after’ transformations.

And what does an Organiser do?

More like, what doesn’t an Organiser do! An Organiser never stops, and they wouldn’t want it any other way. Organising comes naturally to them – it’s a lifestyle, not just a job.

  • Decluttering ‘junk rooms’
  • Shopping for storage products
  • Organising kitchens including pantry!
  • Helping people move house
  • And sooo much more!

Think of us as personal trainers, but for your home (just swap out the dumbbells for a label maker!) And speaking of label makers, we recommend you pick one up from your local Officeworks here.

Pictured: Dymo Labeller from Officeworks. Never underestimate the power of a label!

Let’s get stuck into it.. here are 3 things you probably didn’t know about Home Organisers

#1 An Organisers’ brain works… very differently!

Being organised is in our DNA, we share a genetic code for striving for perfection – or getting as close enough to perfection as possible! In the eyes of an Organiser, the world is a canvas of shapescolours and sizes, waiting to be arranged flawlessly.

An ideal day for an Organiser involves a perfectly choreographed schedule where laundry is done, dishes are cleared, meals are prepped, and the pantry is organised to perfection.

We resonate with the likes of our favourite tv characters, like Monica Gheller, Carol Brady, Meryl Burbank and Claire Dunphy. All these women portray a blend of precision and control in their domestic lives.

And, despite coming from different backgrounds and experience, there is a common mantra that an organised life is a harmonious life.

[Pictured: Australia's Top Organisers at The Organising Academy]

#2 The Organising Sisterhood is strong

Organisers RESPECT Organisers, we just ‘get’ each other!

It takes courage, skill, and talent to be an Organiser, and this is something we deeply respect in each other.

Witnessing two or more Organisers collaborate on a job is like watching a well-oiled machine exuding organising satisfaction, we understand each other’s thoughts, instinctively knowing the next steps.

Check out The Home Edit on Netflix for a glimpse of what organised women can create—it’s phenomenal!

At The Organising Academy, you’ll find a diverse network of professional and passionate Organisers making HUGE impact in our communities Australia-wide. We don’t compete, we collaborate. We fix each other’s crowns, and cheer each other on! Because we all know how many people need us, and we can’t get enough of creating calm amongst the chaos of life.

There is nothing more exhilarating than receiving a text from a prospective client who is enquiring about getting some organising help. Most Organisers start planning and prepping straight away – before the session is even locked in! We are truly that passionate about using our skills to help others.

Professional Organisers Clea Shearer & Joanna Teplin at The Home Edit

#3 There’s no ‘Off-Switch’ for Organisers

Most Organisers have Type A personalities – they are perfectionists, solutions-focused, creative, and love to help people in need.

But here’s the kicker – an Organiser is always organising, and we often spend our ‘down time’ watching Instagram reels of other Organisers, organising!

Even when we are out socialising at a friends house, away on holidays, or sitting in a Doctors waiting room. You’ll see us side-eyeing our surroundings always on the look-out for something to organise, change, or straighten-up.

Thinking of marrying an Organiser? Put a ring on it, and you’ll never wear mismatched socks again!

Ready to get organised?

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Do you have a passion for organising and enjoy helping people?

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Written by Jemma, Professional Organiser and founding Director of The Organising Academy featuring the Find An Organiser Directory.

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