TERMS OF USE Terms and Conditions as of 31 May 2022. A. Contractual Terms of Use
  1. The below refers to the contractual Terms of Use relating to visitors of Find an Organiser (FAO) referred to herein as the ‘Website’.
  2. The Website is owned and operated by Find An Organiser Pty Ltd (ACN 657 694 972).
  3. If you are a user or access the FAO Website in any way, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy published on the Website.
  4. You acknowledge and accept that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy published on the Website, at all times, when using the Website and during the course of this Agreement.
  5. Your use of the Website and these Terms of Use are governed by the relevant laws, rules and regulations.
  6. FAO reserves the right to change any or all of the Terms of Use by publishing new Terms of Use on this Website without specific notice to you. Your usage of any part of the Website will be subject to the most current version of these Terms of Use.
B. Review, responsibilities and reliance on member listings
  1. The FAO Website contains content provided by Professional Organisers listed on the Website (members) and publicly available information about businesses gathered from public sources. Whilst efforts are made to ensure this information is correct, we do not conduct regular detailed checks on this information and thus the information may be incorrect or out of date.
  2. You acknowledge and agree that no representations on the experience or capability of members have been made in any way and as such we cannot guarantee the services or products provided by the member.
  3. You acknowledge that all the content provided by members, including but not limited to descriptions, images, content, videos and illustrations, are for expressive purposes only and the actual services or products may vary from what is depicted on the Website. While we require members listed on the Website to keep all listing information up to date and accurate, and acknowledging it is their responsibility to do so, we cannot verify that all the information provided to FAO is accurate, complete, up to date or not misleading in anyway. If you are uncertain or have any questions you should contact the member directly.
  4. The decision around engaging and transacting with members of the Website is your responsibility alone. The Website and FAO bears no responsibility for choosing and assessing the suitability of the member listed on the Website with your service needs.
  5. You are required to make an independent decision based on your own due diligence assessment of the members and services or products listed on the Website, based on your specific requirements and the products and services offered by members and their geographic location. You are required to contact the member directly, review their website, social media accounts (where applicable) and assess their suitability to your needs to assist you in making a decision.
  6. You are solely responsibility for communicating any relevant medical or health related conditions prior to receiving a product or service so the member can assess and accommodate your needs. FAO is not responsible for any damages, injury or loss incurred as a result of products or services agreed between you and the member.
  7. We recommend reviewing all relevant information in advance directly with the member before engaging services or purchasing products from a member.
  8. All transactions (financial or otherwise) including bookings should be confirmed and agreed between you and the member and is your sole responsibility.
  9. You understand and acknowledge that it is the responsibility of the member to carry the necessary insurances with respect to the services and products that they offer and the business that they operate. We recommend that you contact members directly to assess if their insurance and liability cover is appropriate for your needs.
  10. The Website and FAO do not recommend, endorse or employ any member listed on the Website in any capacity and make no representations on their behalf.
  11. You acknowledge that FAO are responsible only for facilitating the contact between you and the member and are not in any way responsible for the delivery of products and services. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for communicating, dealing, transacting and finalising all services or products required with the relevant member.
C. Affiliates and third parties
  1. The FAO Website contains links to websites operated by third parties and members. These third party websites do not represent or form part of our Website and are not under the control of, ownership or the responsibility of the Website or FAO.
  2. If and when you follow links to third party websites, you are leaving the FAO platform and our Website and do so entirely at your own risk. FAO makes no warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of the information contained on any third party websites, and FAO, related entities and its directors are not liable or responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage which may be suffered by you through relying on anything contained on or omitted from such third party websites.
  3. Any display of advertising by a third party or a link to a third party or member website does not in any way imply an endorsement or recommendation by FAO.
  4. By following links to third party websites, you acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for communicating, dealing, transacting and finalising all services or products required with the relevant service provider or member.
  5.     When submitting an enquiry to a member or service provider on the FAO website, you acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for communicating, dealing, transacting and finalising all services and/or product purchases with the relevant member.
D. Intellectual Property
  1. FAO and this Website retains copyright with respect to all content, materials, information, documents, processes and media provided on the Website. Everything contained on the Website and everything required to operate the Website is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws and as such, unauthorised use violates such laws and the terms of use.
  2. FAO does not provide implied rights or approvals to use the property of the Website for any purposes unless otherwise granted.
  3. You acknowledge and agree to not copy, republish, frame, transmit, modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, assign, distribute, license, sublicense, reverse engineer, or create derivative works from anything contained in or required to operate the Website including but not limited to Website code, offers, listings, products, functionality, features, content or services.
If you have any queries or comments concerning this Terms of Use Policy, contact info@findanorganiser.com.au.