These practical and budget-friendly tips will help you reclaim your kitchen and create a space that sparks joy while you cook.

We all know kitchens are the heart of any home, but keeping it tidy and efficient can be a real challenge. Fear not, for we have gathered our 10 best kitchen organisation ideas to transform your cooking space from chaos to pure bliss.

In this blog, we outline simple hacks and clever solutions to maximise your kitchen space, making meal preparation a breeze and elevating your home organisation.

Discard Unwanted Food & Appliances

1. When beginning a complete kitchen reorganisation, the first step should always be to get rid of any food items or appliances you no longer use. This includes expired food, broken utensils etc. It can be difficult to part with some items but it’s important to be realistic and only keep things you still use in your kitchen. Discarding unnecessary items frees up your space and makes it so you have fewer items to find storage for.

Fridge & Freezer

2. Organise your food in different sections in the refrigerator, such as vegetables, condiments and leftovers. Assign each fridge shelf a designated purpose to easily find what you need.

Kitchen Labels

3. Using labels not only helps with the kitchen organisation process but also maintains your organised kitchen. Labelling containers and shelves will ensure everything always returns to the right spot.

We offer premade pantry labels of the most common labels we use when organising kitchen pantries. Our custom labels allow you to create labels to suit your unique storage solutions.

Cabinets and Cupboards

4. Store items near the area you will use them in the kitchen for easy access. For example, store your pots and pans close to the stove and baking trays near the oven.

5. Use shelf risers, pull-out trays, and storage racks to utilise the depth and height of cupboards and keep things organised.


Kitchen Drawers

6. Group like items together into designated drawers (i.e. cooking utensils, cutlery, plates etc.).

7. Use drawer dividers or inserts to separate and organise utensils and small kitchen tools. Using dividers in all your drawers ensures your smaller utensils are kept organised and neat.

Kitchen Benches

8. Kitchen countertops often become cluttered with non-kitchen items such as wallets, papers &  car keys. This clutter can make things difficult when it’s time to use the kitchen bench for cooking. Once you have a clear idea of what items accumulate on your counters, you can then create designated storage in other areas of your home. Put as much as you can in cabinets and drawers including appliances and utensils. An uncluttered kitchen bench is nicer to work in.

9. A pantry turntable is perfect for storing your sauces and oils on your bench for easy cooking access. They also make cleanups easy if anything spills.

Under Sink Storage

10. The cupboards under your kitchen sink are the perfect place for your cleaning and dishwashing supplies. Kitchen sink pipes can make storage in the under sink area difficult. Plan a storage solution that works around the pipes that utilises the space. Get creative and install sliding shelves, baskets or hooks.

Professional Kitchen Organisers

Finding the kitchen organising process too overwhelming or don’t have the time?

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